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                                       WHAT THIS WEB SITE IS ABOUT

An outline for an experimental proposal is presented here to the   general public for the repair and re-growth of severely damaged   spinal cords based on the research work of Robert O. Becker, M.D., and his research team.  The hope here is that those in need of this information, along with their families and friends will actively lobby and push for implementation of this experimental proposal into reality in the form of very limited animal experiments as required and then experimental operations on humans.

     Currently in the United States we greatly suffer under the control of the FDA, whose main function/interest is to protect the financial interests of the large pharmaceutical industry and the status quo of the industrial medical complex.  The health and best interests of the common citizen is apparently of little concern to those in upper management at the FDA who control its activities and policies.  The pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, and the AMA have historically and into the present been the impediment to implementation of meaningful and cost effective advances in illness care/treatment.  The FDAs game plan in the name of cash flow into the industrial medical complex is to suppress all cheap and effective illness care modalities/technologies/products in favor of long term pharmaceutical product usage that suppress symptoms with the AMA allopathic type doctor being the licensed drug pusher for the all important prescription drug.  They keep the cure off the table as much as possible.  I advise those who wish to obtain funding to implement this proposal to consider the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, and the AMA as the enemy and act accordingly.  If you are one of those individuals who has a burning desire to rid the world of this scourge of spinal cord paralysis and have money or know how to raise it, may I suggest that you or your group consider spending the research money with researchers outside the U.S.A. and outside of the control of the FDA.  Perhaps you can approach U.S.A. foundations to also invest in foreign research to by-pass this FDA induced stagnation in meaningful spinal cord regeneration/repair research. Those of you fortunate enough not to live under the corruption of the large pharmaceutical companies, and FDA like agencies, Gods speed in implementation and obtaining a cure.

Sincerely,  Gary Wade  ,    5/2/11

P.S. --    Please do all you can to let those in need and those who have an interest in ending spinal cord paralysis know about this web site.  Also, please print out this information into a hard copy.  The more people that take an interest and get involved, the sooner the scourge of spinal cord paralysis can be put behind us.

If you wish to contact me with a question, then e-mail me at: CONTACT US. However, due to man power shortages (there is only me) and time constraints, I will not attempt to answer most e-mails. I will put my answers in a frequently asked questions section on the site that will be going up shortly as enough e-mails come in to merit/require some response.